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At Koreman we appreciate beauty and want to share the finest of artisan carpets with our customers, for home, office, hotels, and public spaces where good taste remains at the forefront of personal, artistic expression.

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“We believe that our brand is what other people think about us, we acknowledge this, and keep this in the back of our mind in everything we do.”

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The Finest Artisan Carpets & Rugs

Each of our carpets is a story for itself. In its design, color, and craftsmanship, reflecting the passion of our work throughout the entire value chain, from the collection of the finest wool, to the most detailed elements of the creative process that makes each piece unique.

Which carpet choice is the most beautiful and fitting for your client? Our team of experts is happy to offer personal advice on how to best consider colour, design, style, and size of an exclusive carpet and how it can enrich the atmosphere in your home.

We recognize that your market is unique



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Haute Couture

Haute Couture_small - Rene Verkaart


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Handcrafted Oriental Furniture

At Koreman we have specialized in purchasing new and antique Oriental furniture for more than 50 years. Thanks to this experience, we find the most beautiful pieces in the country of origin time and time again. Korean’s collection of Oriental furniture mainly consists of cabinets, coffee tables, and sideboards. The copies are always in excellent condition and radiate a lot of atmosphere and character. 

You can view the collection of furniture in our showroom in Maastricht. If you have any questions or would like professional advice, we are always there for you!

Our experts help you find your unique piece

Specialists Driven by Passion

Koreman has been the specialist in Persian and Oriental carpets for more than 50 years. These carpets are known for their exceptionally high quality and create a unique atmosphere in your interior with their lively patterns and colors. An advantage of Oriental carpets is that they can be combined with almost any interior. 

We carefully select all the carpets in our store, purchased in their countries of origin including Iran, Pakistan and Nepal. You will not find anywhere else such a unique collection of Oriental carpets.

We are proud of our very extensive collection, including Ziegler carpets, Persian carpets, Kilim carpets and various exclusively designed carpets.

“We welcome you to share your unique vision of beauty with us, to create the most memorable of living spaces for your customers."

Raimond Koreman

Our goal is clear

“We create superior handmade luxury carpets that live up to our reputation for design, quality, longevity and value.”

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Who benefit from our quality?

Through our main store offerings in Maastricht, The Netherlands, and our website, we already make your home more beautiful with our large collection of artisan carpets, and custom designs. We now offer these to the larger business to business market, with the focus on some of our key designs that offer value to interior designers, architecture firms, hotels, hotel brands, fine furnishing retailers, and to private investors.


Interior Designers

Your clients expect the best
As an interior designer your reputation is our shared responsibility. Your clients expect the best quality and value, and a seamless collaboration from start to finish of their project. At Koreman our sixty years of experience are here to help guide your selections that will enhance the final look of your specific interior design concept, whether for homes, or institutions.

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Your design is timeless
For an architect, design is timeless. And the timing of a project is key. We look to help you fit the needs of your customers in all areas, in a way that enhances the overall beauty of the spaces created by your design. We value your input throughout our collaboration to achieve the desired results.

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Creating a unique customer experience
We look to assist higher end hotels and hotel brands to enhance their overall customer experience with our unique carpets. We can collaborate and deliver globally to our customers.

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Fine Furnishing Retailers

Your market is unique
We recognize that your market is unique, and we can collaborate to design the most attractive product offerings to delight your customers, if they are not readily available in our standard stock offerings. With this in mind, we will periodically bring new collections to the market. We strive to offer our expertise in every way to help you to sell more in your market.

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Private Investors

Distinctive Persian Rugs
Iran’s traditional carpet heritage remains the most prestigious in the world. With our network of experts, we can seek distinctive pieces, many of them investment grade, for our clients with an interest in this sector of the market.

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Share your unique vision. Work with us.

We love to create the most memorable of living spaces for your customers. Get in contact with one of our experts for more information. Or come visit us in Maastricht.

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